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H.M.S. Acasta (H.09)
General Details
Nationality British
Type Destroyer
Builder J. Brown, Clydebank. United Kingdom
Laid down 13. August 1928
Launched 8. August 1929
Commissioned 11. February 1930
Fate Sunk 8. June 1940 by the German battleships Scharnhorst & Gneisenau west of Harstead, Norway, Norwegian Sea
Standard 1.350 tons
Full Load 1.765 tons
Lenght (waterline) 95,1 m (312')
Lenght (Overall) 98,5 m (323')
Beam 9,8 m (32,25')
Draft 2,6 m (8,5')
Armament (design)
Main battery 4 x 4,7" (120 mm)/45 cal QF MkIX (4x1) design.
Anti-Aircraft 2 x 40,5 mm (2pdr) MkII (2 x 1)
8 x 0,5"/62 cal MG MkIII (2 x 4) design. Replaced by 6 x 20 mm/65 cal Oerlikon MkV (single and twin mounts)
1 x 76 mm (12pdr) QF HA MkI added during wartime
Torpedoes 8 x 533 mm (21") (2 x 4)
Anti-Surface 1 ATW Hedgehog 24 round mortar
2 racks for Mk.VIII 300 lb cannister depth charges
Air Search Type 291 Air Warning Radar (1944)
Surface Search Type 123A Asdic with Electric Gyro Compass
Type 271 P/Q Radars
Type 86TBS aerials
Sonars Type 127 "Sword" depth detector
Boilers 3 Admiralty 3 drum type
Turbines 2 geared steam same as builder
Shafts 2
Horsepower 34.000 shp
Endurance 5.400 NM at 15 knots
Speed 35 Knots
Oil Bunkerage 400 tons
Usual 138 (higher at the time of sinking)

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Gary Martin, UK Supplied a lot of material from his private archive. Gary Martin is a relative to one of the lost sailors.
Mike Sellick, UK Supplied a lot of material from his private archive. Mike Sellick is a relative to one of the lost sailors.

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