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The Final Year (Norway 1943)
A very wellknown portrait of the Scharnhorst. Together with all the other photographs on this page it is taken in Norway in 1943 and is among the last known photographs taken of the Scharnhorst before it was sunk 26 December 1943 in the battle of the North Cape.
Another photograph of the Scharnhorst with the same paint scheme/camouflage as seen above.
And yet a nother photograph of the Scharnhorst taken in Norway 1943.
Scharnhorst with the Norwegian landscape as background. In the background, behind the Scharnhorst, also two destroyers can be seen.
Close-up photographs of the Scharnhorst taken from the Tirpitz in 1943 in Norway.
Here the Scharnhorst can be seen in Norway in 1943. At this time the ship had a disruptive camouflage that broke up the ship's outline.
The Scharnhorst with a similar, but apparently not exactly, same camouflage as seen in the portrait above. The photographs was taken in Norway in 1943.
Another photograph of the Scharnhorst taken in Norway in 1943. Again the camouflage is similar to that on the two other photographs above. But it seems that the camouflage varied a bit.

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