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The Scharnhorst at Brest, France (22 March 1941 - 11 February 1942)
The naval harbour of Brest. Along the main quay protected on the seaward side by a bow-shaped barrier of anti-torpedo netting is the Scharnhorst, and in the first drydock ahead of her is the Gneisenau.
The Scharnhorst at Brest covered with camouflage netting. Here the Scharnhorst can be seen in drydock at Brest.
The Scharnhorst was moved to La Pallice south of Brest on 22 July 1941. The ship can here be seen at her berth in La Pallice.
During her stay in Brest the Scharnhorst was equipped with torpedo tubes which originated from the light cruiser Nürnberg. The Scharnhorst during sea trials off Brest. The ship can be seen behind the Sperrbrecher (Minesweeper) 19/Rostock.
The Scharnhorst in the Bay of Biscay off Brest. After the completion of repairs the ship worked up with intensive crew training, including gunnery exercises. The aircraft on the photograph to the right flew aircover for the Scharnhorst.
The Scharnhorst after being repaired berthed at Brest. Here with the ship's company paraded aft.

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