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Operation "Berlin" (22 January - 22 March 1941)
The Scharnhorst in Norway 30 December 1940 after abandoning the first attempt at a break-out into the Atlantic with her sister ship, the Gneisenau. Later that day the Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau headed back to Germany. In the foreground a harbour defense ship can be seen.
Two photographs taken from the bridge of the Scharnhorst. Ahead of the Scharnhorst the flagship Gneisenau can be seen.
Crewmembers of some of the engaged merchant ships during Operation "Berlin" is taken on board the Scharnhorst.
Crewmembers of the Scharnhorst having a talk with a crewmember of one of the merchant ships during Operation "Berlin". The Scharnhorst seen from the Gneisenau off New-foundland. In the foreground a look-out on the Gneisenau can be seen.
The Scharnhorst in the Atlantic. This photograph was taken from sistership Gneisenau during Operation "Berlin".
The Scharnhorst as seen from the Gneisenau during Operation "Berlin". The Scharnhorst, in March 1941, seen from the German submarine U-124 in the Atlantic during Operation "Berlin".

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