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The Sea Trials and Final Outfit (Part Two)
The modified Gneisenau is shown during her sea trials. She has now been refitted with the "Atlantic" stem and the raised diagonally cut funnel cap.
Another view of the modified Gneisenau during her sea trials. The photograph was taken in the spring 1939.
The Gneisenau moored at her usual mooring place at buoy A11 in Kiel. The anchors is still stowed in side hawsepipes.
In summer 1939 the Gneisenau completed sea trials in the North Atlantic from where this photograph originates. At this point the anchors is no longer stowed in hawsepipes, but in deck cluse's. Furthermore the number of anchors was reduced from three to two.
The Gneisenau at her mooring in Kiel in 1939 before the outbreak of WWII and still wearing her coat of arms. It is easy to see her new starboard anchor deck cluse. Another photograph of the Gneisenau in January 1940 at her mooring in Kiel. Notice the missing coat of arms on the bow which was removed at the outbreak of WWII.
Front view of the Gneisenau after she was refitted. She now had a different look. Also notice the substantial thickness of the hull amidships on account of the armour belt. A view over the fore end of the Gneisenau photographed in January 1940 in Kiel. A number of supply vessels can be seen lying alongside the ship while tugs and ice breakers work at creating a navigable channel. The Scharnhorst can be seen ahead of the Gneisenau.

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