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The Sea Trials and Final Outfit (Part One)
The Gneisenau passing through Möltenort, outward bound from Kiel in May 1938.
Moored to a buoy in Kiel harbour the Gneisenau could be seen in June 1938.
The Gneisenau lying at finishing buoy A3 in Kiel harbour.
Here the Gneisenau can be seen during one of her sea trials shortly after being commissioned.
The floating cranes at the Deutsche Werke shipyard, Kiel, is supplying the Gneisenau with last items. The ship in the background (to the right) is Admiral Graf Spee. The maiden voyage of the Gneisenau in late June - early July 1938 took her to the northern point of the British isles where this photograph has been taken.
The Gneisenau in summer 1938. A Heinkel 114 sits on the forward catapult and an Arado 95 atop the C turret catapult. Both aircraft have wings folded.
Another view of the Gneisenau during one of her sea trials.

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