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Operation "Juno" (4-10 June 1940)
A photograph taken from the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper on 7 June 1940 during Operation "Juno". The fleet flagship Gneisenau can be seen in the centre of the portrait and her sistership Scharnhorst behind her port beam. At this occasion the commanders from the different fleet units was having a conference aboard the Gneisenau.
A photograph from June 1940 showing the German fleet units moored in Trondheim roads, Norway. Nearest the camera is the Gneisenau to be seen. On her starboard beam is the Scharnhorst with some destroyers off her stem. To the right the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper. The small dazzled painted ship in the centre is probably a flak/minesweeping Sperrbrecher. On this portrait three floatplanes can be seen. The white is apparently a Heinkel 59 and the two dark floatplanes Heinkel 115. Here Gneisenau can be seen in the centre of the photograph taken in June 1940 in Trondheim roads, Norway. Notice the dazzled painted camouflage. The light cruiser Nürnberg can be seen to the far right.
During an operation on 20 June 1940 the Gneisenau was hit by a torpedo from the British submarine HMS Clyde which made a huge hole in her bows. The left photograph is a starboard view and the right photograph is a port view of the damages.
After emergency repairs in Trondheim, Norway the Gneisenau was escorted back to Germany. Here the Gneisenau can be seen in the Kieler Förde on her way to the Deutsche Werke shipyard in Kiel 31 July 1940. When the Gneisenau arrived at the Deutsche Werke shipyard in Kiel she was taken into the 40.000-tonne drydock to have her damage from the torpedo hit repaired.
The extensive damages from the torpedo hit can here be seen from starboard (left photograph) and port (right photograph). Also the emergency repairs carried out in Norway can be seen at the centre upper part of the photographs.
Workers from the Deutsche Werke shipyard inspecting the damages on the Gneisenau. The openings in the bow bulge (lower right part of the photograph) is for the sound locator devices.

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